Single-Estate Finca El Manzano

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This Single Estate offering is a product of sixth generation farmer Emilio Lopez and his El Manzano farm, on the hills of the Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador. El Manzano coffee beans have been used by champions at the World Barista Championships on three occasions and regularly attain a “Cupping Score” of 88.5 or better.

This is not a blend, all our beans are the result of a “Single Harvest” from El Manzano where they are processed on-site then sent to us to roast and ship directly to you.

We tasted hundreds of coffees before choosing El Manzano as our first offering. You will find this coffee has a flavor profile that features a crisp, light body, red apple aroma with small hints of lime, caramel, and peanuts in the middle, along with plum and an interesting rooibos herbal character with this season’s harvest. We chose a medium light roast to accentuate the unique flavor profile.

NOTE: All orders are shipped as whole beans if you would like it ground please leave a note in the comment section and we will grind to your specification on the day of shipping to ensure maximum freshness. Each order contains 10 oz of coffee beans.

  • Origin: El Salvador
  • Region: Illamatepec
  • Elevation 4,250 - 5,500 feet
  • Producer: Emilio Lopez Diaz
  • Flavor Profile: Crisp, light body - Red apple aroma - Sweet
  • Texture: Clean orange juice, apple skin
  • Cup Score: 88.50
  • Process: Washed
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Roast: Medium - light
  • Orders ship within 24 hours of roast