Mason's Kitchen Essentials Salt Package

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The Essentials, this package provides the necessary salts that should be in every kitchen. Our Pure Sea Salt is the perfect replacement for your current refined salt or domestic sea salt, the dry, dense crystals can be used as an ingredient in recipes labeled “All Natural” and “Organic.” We include, three grain sizes, Fine, perfect in your table-side salt shaker or incorporate it into your baking and cooking repertoire. Whether you’re salting a pot of pasta water, stirring up some beef stew or finishing a leafy green salad, this grain size can do it all. Medium, Ideal for use in small salt mills or as a salt crust for barbecued and grilled meat, Medium grain Pure Ocean is also a good size for dissolving into brines for meat or pickling. Coarse, a hefty grain that is perfect to refill salt grinders, and is a beautiful presentation salt for seafood and roasted meats and vegetables. Finally, we include our Kosher Flake Finishing Salt. These pyramidal shaped flakes are bright and briny with a delicate crisp texture; perfect for savory and sweet dishes alike. Use our finishing salt at the end of the cooking process to add bursts of salt and texture to items like grilled steaks, seared fish filets, sautéed vegetables or your favorite cookies!

  • Mason's Sea salt is solar evaporated ocean water, harvested off the clean coastal waters of Australia.
  • Ingredients: Sea Salt, our Flake salt is harvested from ocean ponds in the Pacific.
  • Additives: Mason's Salts do not contain additives of any nature.
  • Applications: Our sea salts are intended for culinary use including cooking, baking, and finishing.
  • Mason's Sea Salts will last a minimum of 10 years from the date of purchase. We recommend storing in a dry, airtight environment with a humidity level below 75% at room temperature.
  • Net Weights are 1.8 oz and 1.4 oz for our Flake Salt.