Chili Pepper Ranch

A family-owned boutique ranch in Apison, Tennessee that specializes in low volume high-quality beef naturally fed Wagyu beef raised in a low stress environment.

Cattle Are fed grass, grain and hay throughout their life. For the last 90 -120 days the beef cattle are fed a unique grain combination developed by the nutritionist to optimize quality and flavor.

Proprietary Flavor profile was developed through focus group testing. The Chili Pepper Ranch nutritionist developed “age specific” grain blends to optimize the cattle’s health, development, and flavor based on our unique flavor profile.


Naturally Raised America Wagyu Beef

  • • No hormones or antibiotics
  • • Beef is processed at a USDA facility
  • • Beef is dry aged 21 days to enhance flavor and tenderness.
  • • Beef is vacuum packed and rapidly frozen to maintain flavor and Quality.
  • • Product will be shipped within 72 hours of purchase.


Sourced from family-owned farms across the US these steaks are 100% Pasture-Raised, All-Natural, Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished and are never subjected to growth hormones and antibiotics. These are what we serve to our families and we think you will enjoy their incredibly nuanced flavor as much as we do.  
  • NY Strip Steak

    From $149.00
    The NY strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin that has had the tenderloin removed. It consists of a muscle that does little work, making the...