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100% Pure-Blood, Pasture-Raised, All-Natural Wagyu from the famed Chili Pepper Ranch in Tennessee. Chili Pepper is a labor of love for Dr. Jim Osborne and his family, their cattle are raised on grass and grain diet that is bespoke to his ranch and was created after many years of testing resulting in one of the most unique profiles we have ever experienced.
  • Wagyu T-Bone -- Special Order
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    Wagyu T-Bone -- Special Order

    Can’t decide between a New York strip steak and a filet mignon? You can have both of these premium cuts in a single Chili Pepper Ranch Wagyu T-Bone Steak. Cut...
  • Wagyu Teres Major Wagyu Teres Major
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    Wagyu Teres Major

    From famed Chili Pepper Ranch, these 100% American Wagyu Teres Major's come from cattle that are raised on a bespoke grass and grain diet that results in naturally rich marbling and...
  • Wagyu Top Round Roast Wagyu Top Round Roast
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    Wagyu Top Round Roast

    Chili Pepper Farms American Wagyu Top Round Roast is a restaurant quality product that is rich in flavor and amazingly juicy. Our Top Round Roast is a lean and relatively...
  • Wagyu Whole Share
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    Wagyu Whole Share

    The ultimate investment for the large family or to share with neighbors. A whole steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 500-600 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from...
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