Mason's Himalayan Pink Salt

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Hand-harvested from ancient sea salt deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayas, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the best mineral salts available. Protected from the ages by the breathtaking mountains in Pakistan, the crystalized sea salt that was once a prehistoric ocean is now a pure, mineral-rich salt that has quickly become a favorite of ours.

The varying shades of delicate pink to dark rose are the lasting result of trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. 

We ensure that Himalayan Pink Salt is only of the highest quality, is completely organic and is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. 

Mason's Pink Himalayan Salt is offered in Fine, Medium and Coarse Grains


  • Additives: Mason's Himalayan Pink Salt does not contain additives of any nature.
  • Applications: Our salt is intended for culinary use including cooking, baking, and finishing.
  • Mason's Himalayan Pink Salt will last a minimum of 10 years from the date of purchase. We recommend storing in a dry, airtight environment with a humidity level below 75% at room temperature.
  • Net Weight is 2.0 - 4.0 oz


Coarse Grain: Ideal for use in salt grinders and mills, Coarse grain Himalayan Pink Salt is also a suitable size for brines, pickling and salt roasting. Try it as an exquisite presentation salt for fruit, cheese—even ice cream.

Medium Grain: Great for use in spice and BBQ rubs for larger cuts of meat, Medium grain Himalayan Pink Salt is a small to medium-sized crystal that can be used in grilling and salt roasting or in your favorite salt grinder.

Small Grain: Use Small grain Himalayan Pink Salt in cooking, grilling or roasting meats and vegetables. Adaptable as both a finishing salt and when mixed into dishes, this versatile grain is a mineral-rich replacement for your everyday table salt.