One Cow Program

When you place an order for one these offerings, you know that not only is every piece of meat you receive from one farm, but it is all from just one animal, hand processed to your specifications and delivered to your door. 

One of the first questions we get about this program is “how much beef will I get?” That question is usually followed by, “If I buy a half or a quarter, what part am I getting? The front half or back half?”

We make it easy for our customers by not using traditional industry jargon and instead of telling you the amount of beef you’ll actually get for your refrigerator or freezer. Typically a quarter will yield 100 or more pounds, a half 200 or more and a whole will yield 400 or more pounds.  

For freezer storage, the rule of thumb is 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 30-35 pounds of cut beef.

When you order one of these offerings, it will be custom cut to your specifications. We work directly with you to walk through each section of beef. If this is your first time ordering a side of beef, don’t hesitate to email or call us for help, we’d be more happy to make a recommendation and help you personalize your order. ph (980) 326-4787