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  • Wagyu T-Bone -- Special Order
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    Wagyu T-Bone -- Special Order

    Can’t decide between a New York strip steak and a filet mignon? You can have both of these premium cuts in a single Chili Pepper Ranch Wagyu T-Bone Steak. Cut...
  • Wagyu Teres Major Wagyu Teres Major
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    Wagyu Teres Major

    From famed Chili Pepper Ranch, these 100% American Wagyu Teres Major's come from cattle that are raised on a bespoke grass and grain diet that results in naturally rich marbling and...
  • Wagyu Top Round Roast Wagyu Top Round Roast
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    Wagyu Top Round Roast

    Chili Pepper Farms American Wagyu Top Round Roast is a restaurant quality product that is rich in flavor and amazingly juicy. Our Top Round Roast is a lean and relatively...
  • Wagyu Whole Share
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    Wagyu Whole Share

    The ultimate investment for the large family or to share with neighbors. A whole steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 500-600 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from...
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