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  • Wagyu Beef Belly

    From $139.00
    From famed Chili Pepper Ranch, these American Wagyu beef belly’s come from cattle that are raised on a bespoke grass and grain diet that creates a naturally rich marbling and...
  • Wagyu Brisket -- Special Order

    From $299.00
    Chili Pepper Ranch American Wagyu briskets are the “secret ingredient” for competitive barbecue teams gunning to be Grand Champion at all the top BBQ events. Our 100% American Wagyu beef...
  • Wagyu Butcher's Share
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    Wagyu Butcher's Share

    NEW Wagyu Butcher's Share package now available for pre-order. We know many of you want to order a Wagyu Share, but just don't have the freezer space; so we created...
  • Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak
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    Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak

    Do you love ribeyes? If you do, then you will love this. Half the cost of our Ribeye's, the Wagyu Chuck Ribeye Steak is cut from wagyu chuck roasts, which...
  • Wagyu Chuck Ribs

    From $99.00
    Our fatty and generous Wagyu Chuck Ribs (sometimes known as beef ribs) are a pit master’s dream. Succulent and juicy, every inch of meat is generously webbed with that fantastic...
  • Wagyu Chuck Roast
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    Wagyu Chuck Roast

    The Chuck Roast is the original comfort beef. Normally you’d toss this beauty into a slow-cooker with some root vegetables and let it cook, filling your kitchen and house with...
  • Wagyu Crazy BBQ Package
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    Wagyu Crazy BBQ Package

    More than 10 lbs. of 100% American Wagyu. Shipped direct from the Famed Chili Pepper Ranch to your doorstep. If you have ever wanted to taste the Wagyu difference, do...
  • Wagyu Cross-Cut Shanks

    From $19.00
    100% American Wagyu Cross-Cut Shanks. The Shank comes from the leg portion of the animal. When cooked slowly at a low temperature, it yields one of the most flavorful cuts....
  • Wagyu Flank Steak

    From $50.00
    Wagyu flank steak is long and wide with a nice amount of thickness. Regular store-bought flank steaks will have a lot of beefy intensity with a bit of a chew,...
  • Wagyu Flat Iron Wagyu Flat Iron
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    Wagyu Flat Iron

    The flat iron steak is not well known but has long been a favorite of butchers and beef experts because of its delicious taste. It is often referred to as...
  • Wagyu Ground Steak
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    Wagyu Ground Steak

    Chili Pepper Farms American Waygu ground steak is a restaurant quality product that is rich in flavor and amazingly juicy. Made from 100% American Wagyu, our gourmet ground steak is...
  • Wagyu Half Share
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    Wagyu Half Share

    The ultimate investment for the family. A half steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 250-300 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from the same steer. Perfect to feed your...
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