Meet Chili Pepper Ranch

What makes our beef better? It starts with our farmers and carries through to the butchering. We believe that humane, sustainable, and thoughtful practices are not only better for the animals and the environment, but they result in a more tasty product.

We source our 100% American Wagyu from the Chili Pepper Ranch, located in Apison, Tennessee. Chili Pepper is owned and operated by Dr. Jim Osborne along with his wife and children. Jim is a dad, orthopedic surgeon, race car driver and first-generation farmer who has dedicated himself to raising the best cattle with the healthiest diet possible.

Jim abstains from using antibiotics or hormones and feeds his cattle “age-specific” grain blends to optimize the cattle’s health, development, and flavor.

His cattle are fed grass, grain and hay throughout their life. For the last 90-120 days, the beef cattle are fed a unique all natural grain combination developed by a nutritionist to optimize quality and flavor.

All of the Chili Pepper Ranch products are dry aged for a minimum of 21 days under close supervision. Dry Aging allows moisture to evaporate, condensing the tasty beefy flavors, Additionally, naturally occurring enzymes work to tenderize the meat.

After dry aging, the meat is hand-cut; cutting by hand means we can offer you cuts you won't find in your grocery store and minimizes waste.

A portion of every sale of Chili Pepper Ranch products will be donated to the Austin Hatcher Foundation, a 501-c3 charity founded by Jim and his wife that has provided service to more than 70,000 individuals across 28 states and 38 hospitals.



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