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Mason's Market was born of necessity. I went to a grocery store to pick up some steaks and was disappointed; I couldn't find what I thought was the best quality beef, USDA Prime, or even Choice. What I found was package after package of meat that looked like it came off an assembly line. Knowing there was better product available, I began what turned out to be two years of research absorbing everything I could about the beef industry.

Criss-crossing the US I spoke to ranchers, visited feedlots and met with distributors. What I learned is that everything I had been told since childhood, that USDA Prime is as good as beef gets is wrong. That simple grading system is nothing more than a marketing program that ignores other quality metrics like the breed of cattle (there are as many as 800 in the world!), the quality of the feed, the living conditions of the animal, and on and on. How good or not good a steak taste is much more complicated than the USDA would have you think.

With what I learned, I helped create Mason's Market. We cut through the marketing jargon, source and deliver the absolute finest cuts of beef available anywhere from small family owned ranches across the U.S. to your doorstep.

Our offerings change almost weekly, but the quality does not. We have done the homework so you don't have to and that means we know the farmers personally. We know all our products are pasture raised and are never subjected to hormones or antibiotics. All our products are traceable right back to their origin and some even ship direct from their respective farms. 

This became a passion for us, and we hope even if you are not ready to order, you check back with us often to learn a little bit more about us and the products we source. 

Please check back often and if you have questions please do not hesitate to send us an email peter@masons.market give us a call, (704) 804-2785

Peter Cellino - Co-Founder Mason's Market

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